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The Canadian COVID Collaboration: Community-led solutions for a pandemic

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The Canadian COVID Collaboration: Community-led solutions for a pandemic


The Canadian COVID Collaboration recognizes the critical role that communities will play in ending the pandemic we are all living through. Based on a model of social action dubbed Community Network Integration (CNI), the Collaboration is an effort to build powerful links between key businesses, NGOs, not-for-profit organizations, educational institutions, and health care institutions in communities across Canada. The Collaboration will work to engage these networks in delivering a complete and coordinated response to the pandemic.


An Important First Step to Building the Network: Virtual Panel Discussion

Building a network begins with bringing people together. We have chosen the Guelph-Wellington region of Southwestern Ontario as our pilot location for national and global scaling. Given the current public health challenges we all face, our first gathering will be virtual. On December 9th, 2020, at 9:30 a.m., we hosted a discussion involving some of the top epidemiologists and vaccine researchers in the world. The discussion focused on how best to build a solid, science-backed response to the COVID-19 pandemic in Guelph-Wellington. 


Listen to what the experts have to say and see if you can play a role in building this community-led solution to a global challenge.

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Media contacts:

Victoria Ollers -

Bernard Gauthier -




Jeff Wilson: DVM, D.Sc., PhD.



President of Novometrix Research. Former epidemiologist with the Public Health Agency of Canada and professor of public health, University of Guelph. Proper outbreak response - what it should be, current response and gaps -- how we can work together to bring this pandemic to an end. 

Don Gerson: PhD, DSc.



President and CEO, PnuVax Inc. Montreal, Canada. Canadian Manufacturing options for COVID vaccine. 

Nikolai Petrovsky: MD, MBBS, FAICD, FRACP;


Professor of Medicine, University of Flinders, Australia; founder of VAXINE and developer of COVAX-19. Characteristics of an effective COVID vaccine, best options, and how to use them now. 

Check him out in this video!

Advisory Team:

Jeff Aramini, PhD, Infectious Disease Epidemiologist, Outbreak Specialist, Guelph 

Ross Kirkonnel, MSc, Executive Director, Guelph family Health Team

Bruce McNab, PhD, One Health Epidemiologist, Guelph 

Mo Salman, PhD, One Health Specialist, Colorado State University

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