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North American Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) Solutions Network

What is the AMR project?

Novometrix is currently leading the development of a North American AMR Solutions Network. The goal of this network is to combat the critical issue of AMR. There is increasing recognition by stakeholders in the value of working together to solve this issue. The network will aim to tackle this issue by bringing together stakeholders and integrating and aligning with the various AMR activities that exist in North America. This activity will leverage the skill sets, data, expertise, influence, etc that exist in North America needed to combat AMR. In addition to including valuable stakeholders traditionally not captured in conversations pertaining to AMR, this initiative differs from other existing AMR initiatives because it focuses on the outcome being the development of tactical projects that will contribute to and/or inform the development of a best-in-class, shared-value solution that will benefit all stakeholders involved.


AMR is a complex, multi-sector, and global issue that has serious implications on many facets of society. AMR negatively impacts food safety and human health. AMR diminishes the ability of important antimicrobials to retain efficacy against important animal pathogens, leading to animal health and welfare concerns, in addition to reduced efficiency and economics of production. In turn, these implications lead to additional sustainability concerns such as social (food security) environmental (efficiency of resource consumption), and economic (food pricing, nontariff trade barriers, etc). While there are several and an increasing number of AMR surveillance programs and research initiatives in North America which have gathered initial AMR and antimicrobial use data, these networks are essentially fragmented or partially fragmented. The issue of AMR would benefit from a fully integrated (and inclusive) network that would break down traditional silos and engage relevant government agencies, academics, industry (including pharma), NGOs, retail, and the public at large, etc.

Future of the AMR project

Novometrix is facilitating a 3rd party leadership role in developing solutions to AMR by forming a North American AMR Solutions Network. Our vision at Novometrix is not to recreate the wheel, but rather to integrate and align with existing initiatives to develop a fully integrated and inclusive network. Over the course of 2016, Novometrix has been leading outreach to diverse stakeholders in the human, animal, and environmental fields to gather feedback, gauge initial traction, and identify participants and co-funding opportunities. Initial responses have been highly positive. We are now in the stages of continuing to formalize and grow the network. With an established network in place, next steps will include: identifying a common problem or issue and a related project that would inform a tangible, tactical solution; building an operational plan for the agreed upon project; executing the project; followed by dissemination, implementation, and evaluation of the outcome. Novometrix is seeking co-funding to support the staffing required to conduct these activities, in addition to collaborators and participants.

If you would like to get involved or have further questions regarding this initiative, please contact: tara.roberts@novometrix.com