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Covid-19 National Community Response Fund

Something doesn’t feel right about this pandemic?

Despite the fact that our public health officials are doing the best they can, we know that what’s actually happening is simply not enough. We know that we are in the middle of something serious with Covid-19, but many of us understand or feel that something is not quite right. Positivity and mortality rates are rising exponentially, things are shutting down, and we are hearing daily briefings of what is and is not happening. It turns out that this is exactly what is to be expected when you don't follow a proper outbreak response.

There is no coherent pandemic outbreak plan in Canada!

“Outbreaks are inevitable, pandemics are optional ” says Larry Brilliant noted for his work with WHO on helping to eradicate smallpox. 

There are 5 documented principles in Epidemiology for responding to an outbreak, summarized as follows:

1) de-politicization of outbreak management.

2) creation of inclusive and collaborative outbreak teams.

3) creation of comprehensive and effective testing with a coherent, transparent, collaborative, and properly analyzed data framework (including health, social and economic measures).

4) invoking of a coherent, transparent, and collaborative process for the mitigation of negative outcomes including treatment options, vaccine and other preventives, mental health, social and economic interventions.

5) a coherent and effective communications strategy. 

The Canadian response is as you know completely politicized, which is why public health officials in senior levels of government have said “nothing short of a citizen up-rising will bring us back to a proper outbreak response.”  

Fortunately, experts outside of government influence are taking the lead to create a proper outbreak response to Covid-19. The Canadian Covid Collaboration has been established as a  social enterprise network consisting of epidemiologists, physicians, former public health officials, vaccine developers, vaccine manufacturers, communications specialists, students, business, and concerned citizens. 

We can't do this alone for a few reasons. We are a grassroots movement who are all volunteering our time, efforts, and expertise for the greater good of Canadians. Secondly, we are a “collaborative,” and are bound by a fundamental principle of continued engagement of people who are willing and able to help.

You can become involved by offering your time and expertise (real world experience for student interns, graphic designers, court jesters, flame throwers, cartoon characters, ...).  You can also help out by simply sharing our information with your network and engage others to become involved. Lastly, you can donate to our cause. We need money to proceed with a promising vaccine solution that we are confident will work effectively in Canada and other countries with minimal biomedical infrastructure. 


Our network includes Epidemiologists, Family Physicians, Health Management, Immunology, Value Chain Distributive Networks, Marketing, Science Engineering, Municipal Council, and concerned citizens. This group was brought together by Dr. Jeff Wilson – President of Novometrix Research Inc. who specializes in a process of Community Network Integration (CNI) that brings a global approach to solving “wicked problems”. As a former Head of Epidemiology for the Public Health Agency of Canada, Dr. Wilson is employing his expertise with CNI to fast track Canada’s response to Covid-19.   


Please help us help everyone!!  




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