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The Canadian COVID Collaboration: Community-led solutions for a pandemic

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The Canadian COVID Collaboration: Community-led solutions for a pandemic


The Canadian COVID Collaboration recognizes the critical role that communities will play in ending the pandemic we are all living through. Based on a model of social action dubbed Community Network Integration (CNI), the Collaboration is an effort to build powerful links between key businesses, NGOs, not-for-profit organizations, educational institutions, and health care institutions in communities across Canada. The Collaboration will work to engage these networks in delivering a complete and coordinated response to the pandemic.


It's clear to everyone that the government doesn't have a good go-forward strategy for re-opening the economy safely.  The series of lockdowns and openings based on modelling numbers isn't a sustainable cycle and will leave the economy and the mental health of people in further shambles.  To actually get back to a semblance of normal, there needs to be a cohesive plan that takes into account all stakeholders and their needs and contributions.  Following the principals of outbreak management, which have largely been ignored throughout this pandemic by the government and medical table, real solutions are created.   

We have such a plan, and we have tried desperately to get to the Ford Government for months to share it with them.  Now, we openly call on the Ford government to contact us to discuss this plan -- let us help.  

Covid is NOT going away - and the only way forward is to balance the needs of the economy (by opening businesses) and public health (reducing risk of the virus spreading) in a logical, science-driven way.  

Join us in demanding the government engages in discourse about a better, more sustainable way to tackle this pandemic.

Please sign our petition to help us get the message to the Government. Let them know that you share the wish for a logic and science-based approach to opening up.

If you want to see how the Re-Open Main Street Project Works, check it out here.

Jeff Wilson has been featured on Newstalk 1010 talking to Dave Trafford about various elements of the Pandemic.  You can listen to those segments at the links below:

The Five Pillars of Managing an Outbreak

Need for a Rapid and Efficient Delivery Supply Chain for Covid Vaccines

Re-Opening Main Street Safely

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