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Novometrix strives to create innovative solutions for our clients, colleagues, students, and partners related to their business and technical needs. Below are some resources that they have found very useful.

Brain Shift

Novometrix specializes in network engagement which involves bringing stakeholders together from a diverse network to identify issues in the industry and create solutions of benefit to everyone (e.g. antimicrobial resistance in the agri-food industry). One of the tools we found very useful for network engagement in any industry is the “7-step belief model” described in Brain Shift.


Underlying all business goals (hiring the right people, engaging others, innovating, finding more funding, etc.) are only two foundational sectors: belief systems and thinking strategies. Most people understand the idea of strategies and strategizing on a basic level, but very few people have a good, clear understanding of the role that belief systems (their own or the belief systems of others) have in achieving any of these things.

In our experience in consulting, business, government, academia, and NGOS, we have found that once people understand the process and how to shift these patterns ethically, they can make remarkable changes in their personal and professional outcomes. Brain Shift is a synthesis of the existing social science, psychology, neuroscience, and business science information, that allows people to understand their beliefs, identify them in themselves or others, and change them effectively and ethically.

Data Analytics

Data analytics is a proven, cutting edge tool which has been used to enhance profitability in many sectors. It is low cost, easy to do, requires no capital investment, and leads rapidly to practical, priority solutions to improve your bottom line.


We created an article on data analytics for the poultry industry, but the principles outlined here are applicable in any context.



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COVID-19 Resources

We communicated over the course of many weeks with various researchers, health care professionals and epidemiologists, to develop a series of videos as well as a page of resources available to you during the pandemic. These resources are available on our here.

During this, we developed a character called and Exponential Superhero and are asking the public to exhibit this and follow our messaging of "Prevent, Detect and Protect!"



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