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Healthy Bees Network

What is the Healthy Bee project?

Honey bees play an important role in maintaining a healthy and productive agri-food sector. The decline of honey bee health and productivity is a cause of concern for multiple stakeholders including beekeepers, crop producers, chemical industry, government and the public. The Healthy Bees Buzz Project aims to enhance relationships among stakeholders in Canada and worldwide to promote integrative thinking, leveraging of shared expertise, and solutions that address the needs of everyone.

Novometrix is investigating the health of honey bees using an epidemiological approach. This approach is  unique  in  that  it  studies  how  various risk factors (e.g. management, infectious diseases, environmental exposures, pesticide exposures, etc.) work together.


Novometrix received financial support from the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs New Directions 2013-14 Program to lead the first epidemiological study for honey bee health in Ontario. In collaboration with University of Guelph and Pest Management Regulatory Agency, we gathered real-world field data through a comprehensive beekeeper survey and other sources on various honey bee health outcomes and risk factors. The Ontario Beekeepers’ association also provided generous support on the promotion of the survey. This study formed an initial data sharing and analytics platform, and has gained significant support from key stakeholders of relevant sectors.

Future of the Healthy Bee Project

The Healthy Bees Buzz Project is evolving through engagement with key network members in all sectors, and is continuing to receive increasing support and commitment. Currently, Novometrix is developing ongoing partnerships with crucial members of the pollinator health network in Canada and the U.S. The Healthy Bee Project aspires for the effort and collaboration of all parties needed to solve the complex health problems affecting pollinators to ensure a sustainable future for everyone.

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