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Welcome to Community Network Integration

More Impact, Revenue and Fun

Let’s face it - we live on an amazing planet. But if you’re like us, you might be wondering, how can we all:  


  • Have more joy, freedom and personal satisfaction

  • Create greater financial abundance for ourselves and our teams - more revenue for our organizations

  • Enjoy better relationships and health  -  and have a more positive impact on our local and global communities


We’ve also been watching  the Collaborative Economy - and the Big Data revolution - rapidly moving into every aspect of human activity and have been wondering, ‘How can we all benefit from these global Mega Trends - individually and together?’


Well, those questions turned into a burning desire to find practical answers and a quest to look in all sorts of places and talk to all sorts of people you may never have thought of before; testing what we learned every step of the way.


It took some time, but out of that we created a way that you can get more of what you’re looking for. It comes down to a few key things:


  • Some easy to learn entrepreneurial and life skills

    • Previously known only to a small number of people, these strategies can literally shave years off of anyone's path to success - regardless of whether you're one person or the president of a Fortune 500 company

  • The ability to connect effectively to your Network

    • Whether you’re a student, a professor, a manager or a CEO, in the Collaborative Economy this is the new difference between success and failure.

  • Some simple ways that anyone can leverage the Data Economy - no matter what your current level of experience


Now we have collaborative projects around the world linking people in industry, government, academia, NGOs, the media, and the public at large  - creating solutions for greater economic, social and environmental sustainability for all of us!


We work in everything from honey bee health to HIV; from agri-food sustainability to public health. And we’re being asked to help with issues as diverse as clean energy, global biodiversity, and world peace.


Together, we’re also developing a platform called University of Life, so all of us can learn how to do this, regardless of who you are, where you live, or what you want to accomplish.

So if you’d like to learn more about the and University of Life initiatives, please keep reading. Our family is growing fast and we’d love you to join us! To get involved or to stay up-to-date on developments, please click here to fill out a contact form.

Governance and Terms of Engagement is an emergent process, which means - basically - it’s an evolving global work in progress. To our knowledge, no one has done anything quite like this before.


Our governance structure reflects this. Together with extensive consultations with our networks, we recognize and acknowledge that it might change and evolve as we all develop more experience and wisdom.


How would you like it to be run?


  1. is a Third Party process; it’s not run by any one individual or institution.

  2. It runs as a participatory democracy with input from all the members. Exactly how that works logistically will likely evolve. Initially, we (i.e. the Novometrix extended team) are soliciting input from members by email, phone, teleconference, social media etc. Things are growing fast, though, so we’re planning to co-fund an IT platform to allow for more coherent input and representation. Probably with a rotating ‘round table’ management team run by recorded video conference and with opportunities for ongoing input from ‘members at large’.

  3. Membership is by ‘gentleman/woman’s agreement’;  additional arrangements involving transfer of money, other resources  (like special projects, sponsorship etc) are governed by specific agreements relevant to the parties involved.  

  4. Right now you can think of this being an informal collaborative project. Our legal and business advice is to ultimately incorporate as a social enterprise.

  5. Novometrix is playing the initial role of facilitator and actively drawing in other individuals and organizations to assist.


Terms of Engagement (Ask Youself: What is my ideal workplace?)


A big part of the reason for creating has been to help create a global environment of high emotional energy. By that we mean simply the creation of a culture characterized by:


  • Creativity

  • Abundance

  • Peace

  • Freedom

  • Appreciation

  • Empowerment

  • Collaboration

  • Accountability

  • Learning

  • Joy

  • And a sense of ease


We do that because we know that 1) we all want more of these and 2) it is only by cultivating these states that we will be able to create material solutions to our individual and collective challenges that work for everybody long term.


Rules of Engagement (the things your mother taught you)


As this is an emergent and new process, we have created some ground rules for engagement. As we learn and grow, these will evolve.


  • Valuing diversity of opinion, we come together in a state of mutual respect for and appreciation of others

  • We focus on strategies to allow everyone to benefit - thinking ‘win-win’

  • We support transparent sharing of information and opinions, while simultaneously respecting the need for (authentic) individual and proprietary confidentiality  

  • We value and promote creative, practical solutions that work - from the perspective of those involved

  • We seek language and communication that reflects the above



Why Novometrix?


You may be wondering: “Who’s qualified to do this?’ As this is an emergent process so in a sense, no one is ‘qualified.’ There are, however, three elements that make certain groups natural leaders in the process:


  • An interest in facilitating transparent, collaborative solutions on a large scale.

  • Being independent of the network itself (a third party).

  • Having the necessary skill sets and experience in the social psychology and business process for large scale collaboration - including the requisite flexibility and creativity and background in action research.


Most frequently, though not always, these elements tend to be found in small independent organizations (e.g. NGOs, social enterprises, etc.) and within individuals or small groups within the larger institutions - usually with some relevant content and or technical background.


In Our Experience...


Novometrix emerged out of 30 years of experience in research and practice in the fields of population health, animal health, and environmental health spanning government, academia, and industry. Most of this involved extensive collaborations and the breaking down of silos within and between organizations. Not only do we have extensive experience on the relevant technical fronts (e.g. Research and Development, epidemiology and data analytics, information synthesis, technical marketing, etc.), we have also spent years learning and developing the social psychology and business process of internal and external network integration. That includes hands-on practice and primary research into the theoretical frameworks for Network Integration (NI), and training in entrepreneurial and life skills. All that led us to creating and puts us in an excellent position to facilitate its management and administration - with the networks of course.


Some Examples of our Relevant Experience 


Network Integration


We have developed a number of One Health global Network Integration projects including:


  • Honeybee sustainability

    • Recently we presented results of our Canadian Network Integration on honeybee health and sustainability (click here) at Apimondia in Istanbul, Turkey; we are now working with global and North American partners to develop a global honeybee sustainability solutions platform. Numerous collaborators have expressed interest in expanding this to other pollinators and terrestrial biodiversity more broadly.

  • Global poultry sustainability

    • We have undertaken a suite of global network projects in poultry health and sustainability. We reported on one (click here) (funded through Elanco Animal health) at the American Association of Avian Pathologists Conference in Indianapolis in July, 2017. We are also working with COREMI to expand an EU-wide collaboration to control the poultry red mite (a major animal welfare concern) (click here to view a document produced from a round table meeting we facilitated as part of this effort) currently funded through the European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST) and Merck Animal Health. The intention is to include other issues of concern to human, animal, and environmental health such as human and animal Influenza control, food safety, poultry gut health, etc.

  • Antimicrobial Resistance

    • We have undertaken a Canadian initiative to integrate relevant stakeholders to create coherent, cofunded practical solutions for AMR. Initial funding is from Novometrix Research; outreach to North American and global partners has been very well received and is in progress with the intent to scale globally.


Entrepreneurial and Life Skills


University of Life

We have extensive experience in entrepreneurial and life skills training and experiential learning for network members. This includes:

  • Experiential learning for students

  • Graduate level training programs

  • Corporate, government, small business, and individual coaching, consulting, seminars and teleseminars (CEO, senior management, front line)


Primary research, knowledge translation and outreach


  • We continually undertake primary research and information synthesis to advance the knowledge and practice of entrepreneurial and life skills learning and network integration:   

    • Based on the psychology of belief systems, Dr. Jeff Wilson's book Brainshift explains why you think what you do, why you do what you do, and how to change both to profoundly impact your life for the better. It also forms the basis for the psychology of engagement of whole networks.

    • Incidentally, all of what we’ve said above is also consistent with the current literature and expert opinion on Network Integration and the Collaborative Economy. Everything from the critical need to link stakeholders to deliver on One Health objectives of economic, environmental, and social sustainability - to the strategic and tactical approaches to accomplish this. Currently, Jocelyn Rivers, MSc, is completing her PhD thesis at the University of Guelph, Canada which includes a synthesis of the literature   in the science, social science, and business process relevant to the practice of Network Integration (click here to view Jocelyn’s thesis outline).

    • We also contribute regularly to scientific (click here to view a previous CPHA conference abstract) and lay literature (click here to view a Poultry World article) on the topic of network integration, entrepreneurial and life skills, and transformational change.


Funding Model is supported through a collaborative funding model. We solicit resources - either financial or in kind - from network members to support activities that our members value. Generally, individuals and organizations contribute what’s easy for them and provides high value to them and the networks. So that means that, for example, Universities often provide graduate student and supervisory expertise - while funding agencies, corporate, and government groups provide funding - and so on.


Why this works


With multiple participants, investment by each party is leveraged several fold. And, resources are invested in a collaborative business process designed to reduce costs and provide value that the participants each agree upon.


What can you contribute (and benefit from in the process?)


Contributions take the form of investment in special projects (for example, development of evidence-based best practices for specific issues) and one time or ongoing support for operations, often directed at specific needs (e.g. development of IT platform components, or investment in graduate students or interns to undertake network outreach, literature reviews, data analyses, etc).


Contributions are leveraged simultaneously across multiple networks and geographies where possible. So for example, contributors to IT platform development form in public health have their investment matched by contributors in agrifood, including from other parts of the world. Our funding model is growing and evolving in order to maximize value to our members. If you are interested in contributing, please fill out the contact form in the 'Get Involved' section below and/or visit our Indiegogo campaign page.


We also drive measurable revenue to members to support the process


Most One Health network initiatives depend on member donations and government grants to keep them going, without a measurable process to drive revenue to support them. Rather than simply ‘hoping for the best’ uses a data driven approach to drive measurable revenue to network members. In other words, we have a business process to create the economic sustainability (i.e. revenue) to support advances in social and environmental sustainability.


Partners and Projects


Expansive Vision - With Initial Focus


To balance our expansive vision with the need for focus, we have begun a number of One Health Network Integration initiatives focusing on a handful of issues or areas (which we call Sectors) that are key to the relevant networks - and in which we have specific content expertise and connectivity. Each focuses on the intersection between economic, social, and environmental sustainability. The sectors have a high degree of interconnectivity (or ‘overlap’) so this is in a sense an artificial taxonomy - but they do help people to wrap their minds around initial project areas and future directions.


Our current areas of focus are:


  • Antimicrobial Resistance

  • Poultry health and sustainability

  • Honeybee and pollinator sustainability

  • Grain crop production

  • Swine health and sustainability

  • Aquaculture and aquatic ecosystems

  • Primary wellness delivery

  • University of Life


University of Life: Providing critical Entrepreneurial and Life Skills to the Networks


As we mentioned, all this constitutes a significant paradigm shift for a lot of people. But a critical one if, as individuals and a global community, we’re to move forward effectively. University of Life is a special project designed to provide critical business and life skills to network members to support the aims of


Lots and lots of conversations over a two year period!


Engaging the networks is a stepwise process of building trust, usually starting with friends and colleagues and then connecting to established lines of authority and mandate. It’s a nonlinear, purposive process. With that, we have undertaken extensive confidential interviews with key contacts in these sectors globally over the past two years including:


  • Government at all levels

  • Corporate value chains

  • Academia

  • Relevant NGOs, advocacy groups

  • Media

  • The Public at Large


The Networks have Spoken


What we’ve found is that, with rare exceptions, virtually everyone in the networks, regardless of sector of interest, agrees with the the financial, social, and environmental benefits of a greater degree of integration of network members at all levels - provided it's aligned with the needs, interests and concerns of those involved. Whether it’s creating greater profitability for business interests, more relevant and better funded academic research, or developing more impactful and cost-effective government programs, greater collaboration, supported by a network-relevant business process, resonates deeply.


It is, though, a significant paradigm shift for many. And the extent to which individuals are prepared to embrace the approach and their level of sophistication in implementing it varies by individual, by organization, by industry, by area of interest, and sometimes by geography.


Click here to access a list of just some of the organizations we have discussed Network Integration with, demonstrating the size, focus, and geographic distribution of those involved (in many cases these represent conversations at multiple levels and functions within their respective organizations). This isn’t meant to imply a formal endorsement by them; it does though, indicate the breadth and depth of the growing appetite for functional collaboration. 

The people we’ve talked to in the organizations listed here wear many hats. They are also members of families, communities, community organizations, and so on. Overwhelmingly the response from individual citizens has been that greater collaboration within and between organizations and individuals is vital to our collective success. We’ve heard everything from the impact on workplace effectiveness and mental health to improving the educational, medical, and political/ economic systems and everything in between.


A healthy planet where everyone can find their dream job and where passionate people across multiple sectors work together to solve issues that affect us all


To begin facilitating interaction and dialogue around this we’ve started a FaceBook page for University of Life. As of October 15, 2017 we have over 6,000 members from around the world representing virtually every geography, career path, and role in society. Our initial focus has been on simple messaging to support a culture of high emotional energy (hi E) You can access the Facebook Page here and the YouTube channel here

Further Network Outreach


The response has been overwhelming, so we are in the process of creating the capacity to multiply our outreach many times over to encompass:

  • More comprehensive coverage of our existing networks across the entire value web, government at all levels, media, academia, NGOs, and the public at large.

  • Additional geographies globally to allow for multiple intersecting global solutions sectors.

  • New One Health sectors including:

    • Energy and climate

    • Comprehensive coverage of all aspects of human health and wellness

    • Global economic development, peace processes

    • Pet wellness

    • Novel model of political and social justice and governance

      • And many more...


Current Priorities


Here are some of the things your friends, colleagues, customers, value chain partners, regulators, sustainability advocates, and everyone else in your value web are asking for - and that you will directly benefit from yourself:










Many recognize that something like this is inevitable - and see the wisdom of doing this ourselves rather than having it imposed by someone else.


Students, Interns, and New Grads


Low cost/ high return funding of qualified interns, graduate students, and new graduates.


Young people are an incredibly underutilized, high value natural resource. Ironically, high youth unemployment - even among the highly trained - is a stubborn global problem. By linking students, new grads, etc into a coherent set of network projects (ie with the right supervision, training, context, etc), we create high value opportunities to undertake key solutions projects for network members around critical issues - while offering students opportunities to develop the requisite skills, experience, and connectivity to build their careers. In University of Life we call this ‘Creating Your Dream Job’.


Some key roles for students and interns include:


  • Assisting with member outreach

  • Assisting with IT and social media development

  • Assembling, synthesizing, and summarizing the literature and expert opinions

  • Assembling, synthesizing, and summarizing key data sources

  • Designing and implementing key projects for solutions


These young people can also become a high value flexible resource for you in your organization - that avoids new headcount; our process provides them with the skills required to bootstrap their career starting with volunteer experiences and small contracts so they can create enough value that they either become full time employees or independent network consultants. Let us show you how to connect (students this means you too). Click here to get started - enter your contact info and indicate that you’re interested in connecting about student opportunities.

IT Platform


Fundamentally, this is a social process - but one that can benefit massively from a coherent IT platform to support it. Here’s what the networks have indicated are their priorities:

Key Functions and Elements of the IT Platform under development


  • Open Source Library / Repository will collate and act as a central place to access:

    • Peer-reviewed publications

    • Publicly available grey literature, including reports, PowerPoints/other presentations, conference proceedings, fact sheets, and other available resources

    • Unpublished information

    • Expert knowledge

    • Member-contributed information (*pending administrative approval, tagging, and cataloguing)


For the purpose of:

  • Reducing unnecessary duplication / optimizing available resources

  • Ensuring the continuity and legacy of information

  • Directory of current relevant projects, researchers, experts, and others working on / or interested in the subject of interest

  • Education in the form of webinars, fact sheets, and infographics

  • In-System (Community) Communication and Collaboration Platforms in the form of discussion boards and project collaboration capabilities (phase II?) for the purpose of fostering connectivity, collaboration, and communication


Additional Elements of the IT platform include:

  • An administrative system, which will allow for:

    • Editing

    • Resource management, including approval of, and tagging and appropriately cataloguing of information, including member contributed resources

    • Analytics

    • Monitoring

    • Data manipulation

  • User dashboard that allows for customization - content viewed is informed by interests selected

The IT platform will be developed with the following functionality elements:

  • Logical, easy navigation, including a user-friendly interface and dashboard where members can personalize various aspects of the platform

  • Fast to load

  • Easy search ability, including keyword grouping and relational search database

  • Visually attractive and intuitive

  • Appropriate member-defined security and confidentiality

What’s in this for YOU?


If you are in business (small, medium or large), the bottom line is - this will drive your bottom line.


  • Marketing, sales, and market access. This independent third party platform will create credibility for your product and service offerings that you simply cannot replicate with your current marketing and sales outreach. The consumer is too wary now; in the age of authenticity, all businesses are potentially suspect. Not only that, this process engages your entire value chain including end customers and advocates for social and environmental sustainability. Think market access.

  • Product development. Think of it this way: can your R&D team possibly outcompete the entire global network together including your competitors working hand in hand with your customers? A collaborative model with the right confidentiality will always outperform a fragmented network. Think global expert network.

  • Human resources. In business, retention, engagement, and training of talent equals profitability. How? At one level it’s quite simple. Creating a high energy work environment as defined above - one with engaged global colleagues doing the best work on the planet and contributing to society as a whole in the process, as they drive your bottom line. Including getting the critical entrepreneurial skills they currently lack. Think Deep Engagement.

  • Regulatory Affairs: Which makes more sense? Your company trying to ‘convince’ a skeptical regulatory authority of the safety and efficacy of your products? Or working as transparent open partners, with the added credibility of the academic and advocacy communities, and together building solutions that authentically optimize regulatory needs and your profitability? Think authentic, transparent, ethical partnerships.


All collaboratively funded, all transparent (with priority info remaining confidential), all endorsed by the network. With you as a partner co-managing it. Sharing resources that are not in your core business to develop or maintain.


What’s the ROI (return on investment)? That will depend on the size of your organization and a host of other factors. But it will be substantial and inexorably growing - as this kind of network process gains hold and moves across every industry on the globe (like Uber).


If you’re in government or an NGO the same rules apply. After all, you’re running an enterprise. What’s in it for you is to literally generate more revenue for your programs, with a highly engaged staff and global partners to create the best products (e.g. policy, services, physical products, etc.) possible.


For academic institutions - same thing. More funding to drive your research programs with high relevance to the real world, with the best collaborations available (not just another academics) and career opportunities for students. Real world relevant experiential learning. High value to you, your institution, students and their families and society as a whole.


Get Involved


So what are you waiting for?

We virtually all agree:

  • We’d all like to have an easy way to know who’s doing what in our field.

  • We’d all like to benefit from co-funded expert collaborations that can move us to our objectives with a lower investment of time and money than we would have otherwise.

  • We’d all like to obtain easy strategies on how to be more happy, have more time, generate more revenue, and be more effective.

  • We’re all spending time and money on many of the same things that provide no competitive advantage - and that can be done much more effectively if we work together and share expertise and resources. 


So we’re making it easy for you to get started - and benefit immediately! We’ve invested two years of our time and a sizeable amount of our own personal savings and have identified hundreds of thousands of dollars in resources in kind and free bonuses to get this off the ground - and have created a turn key process for you to become involved:






























We can provide support for you, your team or your organization in the following areas:


  • Entrepreneurial business and life skills: Regardless of whether you are a student, a CEO, or anything ‘in between’ we can provide you and your staff with practical entrepreneurial business and life skills that can transform your effectiveness and work experience - greater effectiveness and with that, greater impact, more fun, more money, more time, and less stress. Creating your Dream Job, whatever that is.

  • Internal organizational alignment and effectiveness: There's a process to ensuring everyone is on the same page and pulling in the same direction with maximum effectiveness - and it pays huge dividends. We’d love to share it with you.

  • Network integration: As we’ve described, as we enter the Collaborative Economy, organizational effectiveness will, to a huge extent, depend on your ability to link effectively to your stakeholders. Let us show you how.  

  • Data analytics and Information Synthesis: Increasingly, creating value requires an information and data-driven approach that includes the ability to integrate data and information with business process - in the context of your actual enterprise. Whether it’s customer data analytics, Knowledge Translation (KT), technical marketing - or a host of other applications - we can help.

  • A combination of the above: All of these work best when integrated together hand in hand - it’s a nonlinear process. Why not consider a customized approach that does this for you and your team - large or small.



As we discussed, we’re asking network members to contribute resources that are easy for them to offer - but high benefit to them and their colleagues when leveraged across network projects.  Like Uber, we recognize that there are underutilized people, materials, facilities, and other resources that can be leveraged to everyone’s benefit.


For some individuals and organizations, the easiest contribution is funding - especially when matched through network partners. As we’ve mentioned earlier, here are some of the things the networks have said are high priorities:


  • A user friendly, secure IT platform to streamline everything we’ve been talking about. If you haven't already read about this above, click here for more information.


By working through the IT networks, we have identified a way to fund this at a fraction of the usual cost. Plus, that funding will be matched across multiple networks that you would normally not have access to - and the global approach means that we will have a system that allows us to connect multiple networks, rather than having multiple disconnected network platforms.


  • Low cost/ high return funding of qualified interns, graduate students, and new graduates. For further details, click here.


We work with universities and colleges to connect to highly qualified students to help build and benefit you in the process. Some of the things that are planned include:


  • Assisting with member outreach

  • Assisting with IT and social media content development

  • Assembling, synthesizing, and summarizing the literature and expert opinion

  • Assembling, synthesizing, and summarizing key data sources

  • Designing and implementing key projects for solutions


These young people can also become a high value flexible resource for you in your organization.

There are many ways you can contribute that will immediately drive value for you:


  • Sponsorship - for overall or for the development of our new IT platform

  • Support interns and students to drive your priorities

  • Co-fund network endorsed development of a best practice aligned with your product development, policy, market access and other objectives

  • Invest in our coaching services available on the following optics to create your ideal workplace:

    • Entrepreneurial business and life skills for yourself and/or your team

    • Internal alignment and performance enhancement for your organization

    • Leveraging external partnerships - enter the collaborative economy

    • Data driven performance enhancement

    • A combination of the above


You can contribute via our Indiegogo campaign which will be launching soon, or by contacting us directly to discuss other options.

Tell Your Friends


Often when we describe this process to people they say - “You should talk to….(so and so) as well’. Chances are there are people you know who would be interested too  - simply because it’s such a far reaching combination of unique opportunities that virtually anyone can benefit from learning more. They might be:


  • Friends

  • Family

  • Colleagues from work or organizations you belong to.

  • Students or work in: business (including being self-employed), government, academia, the non-profit sector or media 


They might be homemakers or retired - or not work at all.  


They might be interested in how to improve their own situation, their team or organization, their community  - or the world as a whole.


If you know of anyone like that could you please click here to fill out the contact form within this page (if you haven't already done so!) and include their name in the relevant section - we will send them an email letting them know about with the option to opt in or out of further email updates.


Thanks so much!

A single, secure location where you can:

  • See who is doing what in your field (thereby reducing redundancies and optimizing collaboration

  • Access literature, expert opinion, and public domain data and information relevant to you

  • Share, integrate, and analyze key confidential data to drive solutions for you, your organization, and network partners

A series of collaborative, co-funded projects to drive your outcomes - like evidence-based, field data-driven best practices for key issues for you and your network (including customers, government)

A third party credible platform where you can communicate your message to your entire value chain

Effective engagement of students, interns, and new graduates

A secure user friendly IT interface to support the above

All co-funded, co-resourced, and co-managed through a collaborative network of experts like yourself

The above image represents a mock up of the main page of the proposed IT Platform