Novometrix News

Results of Ontario Epidemiological Bee Study Looking at Risk Factors of Productive Season Colony Loss Presented at Apimondia Conference, Istanbul

September 30th, 2017


Dr. Jeff Wilson, on behalf of PhD Candidate Alessia Guthrie presents key results from a collaborative research project between Novometrix Research Inc. and the University of Guelph with a key research objective of undertaking a formal multifactorial epidemiologic analysis of field data on honey bee health to evaluate risk factors of health decline and their interrelationships.

Novometrix Invited to NIAA Antibiotic Stewardship Symposium to Discuss Value of Network Integration

November 2nd, 2017


Novmetrix Research Inc. was invited by NIAA to informally discuss the value and process of Network Integration as a key part of the solution to the complex issue of antibiotic resistance.

A Process for Integration of Global Networks to Achieve Sustainability of Aquaculture and Aquatic Ecosystems

December 2017

A group of collaborators including Novometrix publish an article describing the need for and define an effective business system model to support sustainable networks, as well as the valuable role high emotional energy and experiential learning play in network integration to achieve sustainability of the aquaculture and aquatic ecosystems.