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Our Services

Contact us for a free consultation and quote! We would love to contribute novel ideas on how to optimize your business or enterprise. Because of our unique combination of technical and business experience we have a unique ability to drive value to you and your organization

Epidemiology and Data Analytics

We specialize in the following data analytics, epidemiologic, and information synthesis skills which can support you and your customers/ value chain. Here is a highlight of some of our capabilities:

Data analytic, Epidemiologic, and Information Synthesis skills:

  • Customer and value chain data analytics

  • Study and program design

  • Statistical analysis

  • Descriptive statistics

  • Multivariable modelling

  • Geospatial analysis

  • Data access

  • Big data integration

Economic Modelling:

  • Cost of illness models

  • Cost-benefit calculations

  • Value chain modelling

  • Life cycle assessment and other sustainability modelling

Scientific and Technical Writing to support technical marketing, product, and service development, etc:

  • Peer-review manuscript development:

    • Review articles

    • Primary research studies

    • Systematic reviews

    • Meta-analysis

  • White papers

  • PowerPoints

  • Conference abstracts

  • Trade publication pieces

  • Audiovisuals

  • Technical explainer video and scripts

  • Integrated Agency Services

  • Etc.

For a snapshot of our scientific and technical writing portfolio demonstrating our success at developing and publishing extensively in credible, peer-reviewed journals, please refer or our publications page.

Network Integration

As we enter the Collaborative Economy, integration of your value chain can supercharge your outcomes by leveraging resources and expertise, reducing system redundancies, etc.

We posses novel network integration and engagement skills we would love to put to work for you, including but not limited to:

  • Network mapping

  • Network / community / value chain engagement

  • Ethical influence models and practice

  • Relationship building

  • Stakeholder pilot project development and management

You can read more about how network integration and engagement can benefit your organization and about our ongoing network initiatives here.

Entrepreneurial and Life Skills

The next wave of value add for virtually every organization and individual is the rapid, systematic access to and mastery of business and life skills - like engaging others, identifying, and bringing opportunities to fruition, thinking ‘outside of the box’ and so on.


We are leaders in the development, codification and teaching of theses skills at the individual, team, and organization levels. Some of the ways we can help you include:

  • Individual coaching at the CEO, senior management and frontline levels

  • Seminars and teleseminars

  • Developing organization-wide experiential learning programs

  • Integration of the above seamlessly into your strategic management and operations to drive value