Our Team Members

We are a virtual company that consists of a series of subcontractors working from various locations across Canada and the United States. Our team is continually growing with 25 subcontractors currently involved, in addition to a several academic, corporate, government, and non-profit partner organizations.


Below are some of our featured members…

Dr. Jeff Wilson, DVM, PhD; President

Dr. Jeff Wilson holds doctorates in Veterinary Medicine, Pathology, and  Epidemiology. Between 1991 and 2007, he was cross-appointed between the University of Guelph, and the Public Health Agency of Canada, specializing in surveillance, epidemiologic research and outbreak response. Since then he has led Novometrix Research Inc., which specializes in data analysis in One Health  and the integration of stakeholder networks for solutions in economic, social and environmental sustainability. 

Dr. Wilson has published extensively in the areas of data analytics, industry and social trend analysis and the collaborative economy.

Jocelyn Rivers, MSc., PhD. Population Medicine (in progress); Vice President, Chief Happiness Officer

As a partner in developing Community Network Integration, an opportunity emerged to assist others in creating their dream job.  The result is an organization that does and thinks differently. Professionally, Jocelyn has a diverse background in multidisciplinary studies - international development, gender studies, agri-food, and animal, environmental, and human health. Bridging the different fields and applying outside the box thinking, she brings an approach to helping create effect systems around environmental and health solutions.


In addition, she is working on her  PhD in Public Health at the University of Guelph and is a board member with Bracelet of Hope. When not working with others, Jocelyn enjoys being outdoors, spending time in nature with her husband Devon, her son Finley, and their dog Sprocket.

Treasure Haines, PhD; Director of Operations

Treasure brings a wealth of experience from the business and not-for-profit sectors including experience  in TPS, Danaher and Six Sigma management systems. She has held senior leadership and management roles in social media, business development, marketing and training product development and delivery. In 2020 she was awarded a PhD degree in Integrative Management Studies from the world’s first globally collaborative university, LifeU. She lives in Peterborough Ontario, with her partner Ted and their cats: Fancy, Patches and Nita.

Cat Delaney, M.A.; Social Media Manager

With a Masters degree in Applied Politics and an undergraduate degree in Sociology and Political Science, Cat has always had a passion for the way humans interact and how policy affects this human interaction. This has lead her to dedicate time to learning about the importance of community engagement and collaboration to develop solutions to complex issues. Cat started a YouTube channel with her friend in high-school which fostered an audience of over 10k subscribers, here she learned about content creation. She has been working for Novometrix for three years, editing and developing content for our several social media platforms.

Meredith Wilson, BSc.; Project Coordinator

With a background in biology and environmental science, Meredith has always been passionate about system-wide solutions in sustainability contexts. Upon finishing her BSc. in 2018, Meredith worked abroad in both Vietnam and Tanzania. Through these immersive international experiences, Meredith learned the importance of community engagement and stakeholder collaboration. With Novometrix, Meredith continues to build the Community Network Integration platform and coordinate projects that create high-impact solutions to complex sustainability problems.

William Gillam, MSc.; Project Coordinator

Prior to joining Novometrix, William worked in renewable energy, engaging with  local communities and governments on their environmental policies and conservation strategies.  Bringing an extensive academic background in landscape ecology and environmental governance (MSc. Geography), William is highly motivated in using CNI to drive social policy on climate change. In particular, he is interested in applying his experience to help mitigate climate change-induced violence as we head into an uncertain future.

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