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Novometrix Research utilizes our CNI (Community Network Integration) approach to solve the biggest problems we face.   Utilizing the best practices of outbreak management, we firmly believe that the Covid Pandemic can be managed, and a balance can be achieved between the economy (and mental health) of our country and the public health needs.  This project is only the beginning of what can be possible with the right collaborative work.  

Scalable Community Approach to Safe Re-Opening of Restaurants and Small Businesses in Ontario


  • Current public health policies, including lockdown attempts have been unsuccessful in curbing the rise of COVID-19 trans transmissions. 

  • The achievement of herd immunity is unknown -- possibly years.

  • One of the hardest hit sectors within the Canadian economy is the restaurant industry. It is also the   largest employer and a central fixture in Canada’s food chain

  • This vertical food chain implosion is also sending horizontal economic shock waves through all restaurant support industries including technology, service, furniture, equipment, insurance and other supply at the street level. In short -- the restaurant industry’s problems, ARE the Canadian economy’s problems. 

  • The restaurant industry, its employers, employees and all related and restaurant success dependent suppliers and customers may simply not survive, until herd immunity is achieved. 

  • The survival of the restaurant industry is a primary determinant of health for the Canadian population. Once developed, these safe opening protocols will be adaptable to all other Main Street, public facing businesses. 


This SAFE REOPENING OF MAIN STREET PROJECT initiative will employ a prospective epidemiologic approach to empirically validated strategies for restaurant reopening, which simultaneously:  

1) maintain their economic and employment benefits; whilst

2) enhancing the physical health of restaurant patrons, staff and community members over and above that currently provided by provincial COVID control guidelines; and

3)  enhancing public and public health trust in the safety and security of the restaurant space.   


The greater goal is to allow our economy to respond and recover.

Approach and relevance:

We will use a network action research approach to identify and empirically validate best practices to allow safe reopening of restaurants in targeted Ontario communities. The approach will include: 


  • Global high standard disinfection best practices, coupled with ATP surface indicator bacteria testing protocols used in the global food processing industry;

  • Utilization of medical grade Hepa filter systems to control aerosol spread. This air filtration technology is currently an essential component of aerosol control and containment in thousands of hospitals and dental offices, worldwide;

  • Continuation of the current public health prescribed use of evidence-based social distancing, mask and other PPE use;

  • Empirical validation of infection through COVID antigen and antibody testing;

  • Robust contact tracing according to best practices;

  • A comprehensive data framework to create appropriate analysis, metrics; 

  • A comprehensive plan for communication to all stakeholders, including local public health and the public at large; 

  • The project will be managed and enabled through a network of collaborative stakeholders with relevant knowledge and expertise including, but not necessarily limited to hands on knowledge and experience in mainstream restaurant practices, business knowledge, environmental infection control expertise and medical and public health.


The approach will define and validate best practices for restaurant re-opening, so as to serve the interests of community COVID infection control as well as the economic imperative to begin systematically and safely reopening small businesses. There will be ongoing infection transmission control and remediation, until herd immunity is achieved.  The initial pilot project will be fully scalable to restaurants in other communities and small businesses generally across Ontario and Canada. 

Please HELP US!   Novometrix Research is currently seeking individuals or groups who have or train medical detection dogs for use in pilot studies.   If you or someone you know is interested, please email Jeff Wilson.  Listen here to his discussion with Dave Trafford about the promise of using medical detection dogs for Covid.   WOOF WOOF (that's thank you in Dog :)